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6 Most Useful Yoga and Pilates Products

Are you interested in products that can help you gain better results during your workout programs? Whether you’re choosing pilates, or yoga classes, or if you’re using my BAMM program or Bootylicious Workouts, these are the go-to products that I not only use regularly but highly recommend.

Check them out and see how well they diversify your training and ultimately make you stronger, more flexible, adding confidence to all of your daily activities.

This is a phenomenal tool I use during many of my workouts. The Pilates ring is portable, durable, and dependable. It offers resistance for a total body workout which allows you to use different muscles, tone different areas of your body, and strengthen and lengthen your poses.

They help to increase flexibility which is key to maintaining a healthy body.

Looking for the right mat for your pilates or yoga classes? The Manduka Pro Mat has the perfect amount of thickness for both yoga and pilates. I get a good amount of grip for all of my downward dogs and warrior 2s. It’s easy to clean, light enough to carry without a strap if you choose, and is durable and long-lasting. I love this one!

Even if you don’t want a foam roller for one of your classes, these are great for decreasing sore muscles. If you have a chronically aching back, these rollers are impressive at removing tightness and alleviating pain. The foam roller increases flexibility, improves circulation, and releases fascia a.k.a. connective tissue. Use it for release and strength work.

When it comes to helpful apparatus to add to your training, a small pilates ball is a must! It’s incredible for inner thigh, ab, and glute work. It helps to support the lower back during ab work and ultimately aids in creating more mobility with movement. It also improves balance which is so essential to living a full life in and out of the studio!

I love my cork yoga blocks! They are eco-friendly, they help to supports yoga poses making the impossible possible, and they’re amazing for restorative, grounding, and opening poses. Whether you're a beginner or advanced yogi, these 100% natural cork block offers stability and support for yoga, Pilates, and more. (Each block weighs about 2 pounds.)

Resistance bands are a wonderful invention! They take up little space and practically do the job of machines in a gym. You can customize the bands to get a more intense workout, too. These resistance bands are great for travel and at-home workouts. The bands don’t slip on your body, and did I mention how cute the fabric prints are? There’s so much to love about these little guys. I highly recommend them for a burning workout you can take anywhere!

While none of these items are essential for practicing Yoga, Pilates, Bootylicious Ballet, or BAMM, they do add a huge range of benefits, especially if you’re looking to improve your strength and flexibility. If you have any questions, email me at

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