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What’s BAMM? Why would you want to add it to your life?

Success is a common goal that most of us share. We’ve all heard that the building blocks for success are mindset, habits, and routines and yet sticking to this “simple” formula can seem somewhat impossible.

Why? Because LIFE gets in the way. The detours that we naturally face tend to high jack our most important asset; OUR MINDSET.

Our mind literally has the potential to be razor-sharp and hyper-focused with unwavering certainty. Somehow fear, doubt, and insecurities can pause us on our path creating confusion and uncertainty. In this pause, we may even find ourselves looking around for answers from other people instead of just trusting the inner guidance within ourselves.

How do we maintain a higher mindset when everything around us is shit?

The world as we knew it does not exist anymore. We are all trying to find our way through the rubble. Add a few minor daily challenges into that mix, and a few storylines from the past, and you’ve come up with your next best excuse as to why you shouldn’t do that thing that would support your highest good.

Have you ever naturally woken up in the 3-5 am time frame and thought, “Should I just get up?” But, soon thereafter you’ve talked yourself into going back to sleep?

What if by chance that 3:30 am wake-up call was a higher force trying to get your attention? What if that random wake-up call was nudging you to get out of bed to tap into the creative energy and receive divine inspiration and guidance?

I discovered the value of having daily practice when I was studying Kundalini Yoga. The very nature of the yoga practice is to build a relationship with your higher self through a daily Sadhana or spiritual practice. This daily commitment acts as a container for the Yogi to process and move through thoughts, energy, and emotions while building the trust to receive inner guidance and support from within. I discovered so much peace and inspiration when I was committed to my daily Sadhana. My daily spiritual practice became the foundation of my own Self-Mastery.

I created BAMM as a short and very obtainable 3-minute daily mindfulness practice for all physical levels. BAMM uses the philosophies of Yoga & Pilates to support and strengthen the relationship with your highest self.

BAMM ignites and aligns your state of mind.

Each BAMM practice combines Breathwork, Movement, and Meditation together. The repetitive movement and or specific stretches and postures provided in each practice, allows the mind to ground itself deeper into the body while activating self-awareness and clearing the path for internal wisdom to arise.

Establishing a daily BAMM practice ignites the relationship and trust you have with your inner guidance system or internal GPS.

How To Choose Your BAMM

There are 4 categories of BAMM’s to choose from. You choose the type of BAMM that best suits how you want to feel in the moment:

  • Activating

  • Clearing

  • Grounding

  • Restoring

Activating BAMM is ideal for those who need a kick start and want to feel more motivated and inspired. If you are looking for something to jumpstart your day and or boost your energy without relying on caffeine and/or sugar, then the Activating BAMM would provide you with various practices to achieve that.

Clearing BAMM focuses on clearing the mind - these practices help you find a direct and clear path ahead. Think of the points on a triangle. Wherever your angle is pointing, that is the direction you head. The Clearing BAMM’s are especially helpful if you are struggling with processing emotions in your life, and/or if you feel mentally/emotionally overwhelmed and can’t see how to move forward with more certainty and clarity.

Grounding BAMM practices are designed to support you when you are mentally future tripping, dwelling in the past, or spinning in your own thoughts. Grounding BAMM’s connects your mind deeper into the body bringing awareness into the present moment. Grounding the mind into the body also allows you to feel intuitive cues your body is trying to communicate with you that you might not necessarily feel because your awareness is in the mind and not connected to your body.

Restoring BAMM is designed to help you relax, restore, and replenish your body and mind. It’s easy to get physically, emotionally, and mentally drained from all that happens in life; we need a way to rest and digest all the stressors that come our way. Stress can be damaging to our whole being and the Restoring BAMM’s are all about working through those emotions and resetting balance with our nervous system.

The whole point of BAMM is to establish self-awareness by decreasing stress and increasing mind-body connection.

One of the best parts about BAMM is that it works for you however you need it. Just like, sometimes you need more Vitamin C and sometimes you need more Zinc; BAMM is the same way - some days you need to Activate and other day(s), you need Clearing or Restoring. BAMM is your personal mindful prescription. And since the practices are online, you can BAMM it out anywhere and anytime you need it.

BAMM practices are one of the many exclusive benefits of being a MYOMIE VIP member. You also get full access to free yoga and pilates classes, specialty programs, discount on coaching services, VIP monthly challenges as well as my signature workout Bootylicious Ballet. All of this is included in your membership.

For more information, please visit or

If you are new to MYOMIE, you can learn more about what my company offers here.

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