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- LG

My journey with Kelley began 7 years ago. She held my hand through my second pregnancy and during postpartum. She creatively carved every session to my specific needs. Her positive mindset encouraged me to explore not only physical transformations but mental balance. This led me to my spiritual awakening. Her unique ability to read my state of mind led me to many wonderful sessions. My sessions with Kelley are worth more than any words can say. 

- Juliette

Having met Kelley at the age of 12, to being 19 now, I feel so blessed to have had her guidance through some of my most transformative years yet. In the beginning, it was to increase my flexibility and strength for ballet, and then it was to protect and strengthen my knee after an injury from tennis. But beyond the physical training, Kelley has guided me mentally and emotionally through all of my highs and lows. Whether it was pre-exam meditation practice, post-breakup healing techniques, creating a morning routine to guide me through the beginning of the pandemic outbreak, or more recently, our online Pilates sessions from afar as I get acclimated to my new life in France… Kelley has been there for me through it all. I always leave our session feeling stronger, more refreshed, bright-eyed, and clear-minded. Her energy and light are unlike any other.

- Zoe Birnbaum

Working with Kelley Denison was one of the best investments I have ever made for myself. During her coaching and pilates program my life completely transformed.  Everything from the Kundalini exercises to the mindset work we did was created for my specific goals and unique needs. Kelley creates a safe container for her clients to get vulnerable and do the work in the absence of judgment or control. A noticeable shift took place in both my body and mind. I was vibrationally aligned for the first time in my life.  One of the most valuable parts of working with Kelley is that I can use the dynamic tools I learned to this day. The practice that she so thoroughly taught me will always be something I can come back to.

- Carin

I met Kelley about 2 years ago after being diagnosed with breast cancer. I was looking for someone who could help me with the additional anxiety that going through this disease was causing. A friend of my masseuse recommended Kelley to me.  Kelley became a beautiful gift in my life.  She taught me mediations along with breathing techniques.  She was my angel during my treatments. The techniques she taught me continue to help me daily in my life. Because of Covid, we had to do a lot of exercise sessions online and I would look forward to our time together. Her smile and personality are contagious.   She listens to the needs of her clients and is able to provide excellent guidance in a positive way.  If you are looking for help with life skills, Pilates, meditation or just learning the benefits of breathwork I highly recommend Kelley. She’s a Beautiful Soul – Down to Earth – Comfortable – Knowledgeable.

- Diane Sherwood

I was immediately attracted to Kelley’s presence. She radiates indescribable energy. Kelley helped me through a difficult situation and after our work together. If I could describe Kelley using only three words, I’d have to say she is empathic, empathetic, and supportive. When you leave from working with her, you feel both calm and elated. 

- Cecile

Kelley has been in my life for years. Not just a Pilates instructor, she is part Coach, part Lifeline, part Friend, part Confidante, part First-Smile-Of-The-Day. She is all of those things at once. The sun is brighter if it rises with her. By instinct, she knows to correct my posture, my breathing, my mood. She makes me ready to confront the good and the bad. The real question is: Why would you not work with Kelley?

- Melody

I have been a long-time client of Kelley’s since 2010 attending regular classes in studio and private pilates reformer sessions.  Every session with Kelley demonstrates a clear reflection of her extensive knowledge, expertise, and experience.  I am gently pushed to my max potential feeling sculptured and stronger every time. Each session is personally designed perfectly to fit my needs. Kelley is an amazing teacher-trainer who exudes passion and love for what she does.  Amazingly Kelley incorporates mind, body, and spirit for the complete coordination for total strength, health, and wellbeing. Kelley is a gift and blessing to us all.

- KS

I recently joined a wonderful zoom workshop with Kelley Denison at Myomie to learn two specific breathing techniques. These two simple techniques can be used in many situations. For me, I loved how Kelley helped to explain what happens to the body physiologically when anxiety, worry, fear, or stress of any kind sets in. She then proceeded to illustrate how these two breathing techniques can help to redirect and balance one’s energy instantly, bringing calm where there is a chaotic feeling inside. I tend to worry a lot, and anxiety easily sets in and disrupts my day. By practicing these new breaths, I already can feel a difference in my stress level. I have been incorporating both of them into my daily practice of striving to stay present, and in these last few days, I feel less angst and more light. I feel more centered, balanced, and stronger within myself. I am very grateful to add these new breathing techniques to my daily practice and look forward to learning more from Kelley!

- MH

I cherish every moment that I get to spend with Kelley and feel so blessed to have her as a teacher. She has helped me gain strength not only in my body but also in my mind. The skills I have learned from her will last me a lifetime. She encourages me and is a constant source of positivity and joy. She takes the time to get to know you personally and creates a safe and welcoming environment where I can truly be myself.

- Amanda

I’ve worked with Kelley for about 5 years. I instantly loved her fun-loving energy and new challenging twists on Pilates. I’ve been hooked ever since! I look forward to Kelley’s positive and inviting approach that focuses on treating the mind as well as the body. We call our sessions soul sessions!  And of course an amazing full-body workout. I feel relaxed and refreshed like my mind and body just had a tune-up. Kelley is Fun, intentional, and powerful. I would say I have this amazing Pilates instructor and friend that keeps me excited about staying in good shape. In my years of working with Kelley, I feel like I’ve gained a great friend that is always willing to address any physical and emotional challenges that come my way. I spend hours every day in the car for my job and my body is really tight. Kelley focuses on strengthening and stretching which helps loosen up my body and release the tension I carry from a high-stress work environment.



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