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How to Start a Meditation Routine

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Finding time to meditate is probably one of the top reasons people don’t do it. We have such busy lives that we think we don’t have time or can’t make time. The funny part is, once we eventually sit down and try to meditate, we realize that we have so many thoughts spinning in our heads. We become discouraged and give up declaring “Meditation is not for me.”

When I first start working with clients they generally say, “I try to meditate but I can’t stop my thoughts. I have too many thoughts.” I say, “YES! You’re doing it right. That’s exactly right. You’re human. We have thoughts.” The point of meditation isn’t to STOP your thoughts. It’s to bring awareness into your thoughts.

We have between 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day, this means we have between 35 and 48 thoughts per minute. The steady flow of thinking, unconsciously or consciously, creates a thick filter between our thoughts, feelings, and divine wisdom.

Meditation offers us a tool to bring awareness to our thoughts. It also allows us to witness the thoughts so that we can see and feel the very nature of the thoughts we are thinking. If we are unconsciously thinking fear-based thoughts we could potentially be pulling in more negative experiences based solely on that negative unconscious thinking.

Meditation is so important for our mental health and overall well-being!

So, what can we do?

The truth is, we don’t need much to begin meditation. When it comes to incorporating meditation into our lifestyle, starting small is the best way to begin. This will also provide the space and curiosity to come back, day by day. Before you know it, you’ll have a daily meditation practice because it’s attainable.

Here are some simple but effective ways to start a meditation routine in your life that will be both beneficial and healthy, and it’s not as hard as you think!

  • Start small: As I said before, start small, say three minutes. To add any new activity into your life that you want to commit to, it’s best to do it in short amounts. Great things happen when small segments add up… bit by bit, day by day. Meditation is no exception. Start with three minutes, and move up to 10, then 20 minutes, or for as much time as you allow yourself to explore the practice.

  • Timing: Even if you start small, meditating at the right time for you is important. You don’t want to be rushing into this, and you don’t want to be rushing out of it either. Try it when you have a few minutes to tuck yourself away. If you can make it at the same time DAILY, then you have an even more powerful routine in place for mindful meditation. I tell my Mom clients that if they only have time to meditate when they go to the bathroom then I have the perfect mediation for them. :)

  • Get Comfy: Just like exercise, from running to yoga, getting comfortable is important. Your focus, during meditation, should be on witnessing your thoughts… not wondering why your jeans feel too tight! Think of this time as a relaxation time, because that’s what it is… a relaxed time to focus on you and the inner wisdom that’s inside of you.

  • Keep Going: It may seem strange at first to be sitting by yourself with your eyes closed, focused on your mind. But, like working a muscle, it takes time to allow the unfolding to occur. Practicing meditation takes interest, curiosity, and commitment to make it become a part of your daily life. If it feels off at times, that’s okay. Know that every feeling you feel is part of the process. Just take note of your experience.

  • Sit Comfortably: Where and how you sit is your choice. You can sit on the floor with a cushion or pillow underneath you to elevate your hips higher than your knees. You can also sit in a chair with your feet on the ground. You can meditate upright in your bed. Wherever and however you feel most comfortable and most at ease in your body will support the practice of meditation.

Meditation is a way for you to connect and ground. Meditation offers deep wisdom that already lives inside of you. Meditation is for your health, and a way to ground and restore balance while receiving inner wisdom that unfortunately you can’t hear because your thoughts are too busy blocking it. Mediation offers the space to witness your thoughts. Meditation grounds the mind and eventually, over time, your thoughts will begin to slow down. At that point, you might notice there is space between each thought. It’s within the space, between the thoughts, that the inner wisdom comes to the surface.

There’s no right or wrong way to meditate. It’s important to find what works for you, and keep going with it, until it feels like the right meditation practice for you and your lifestyle.

If you’re interested in learning more, or have questions about meditation, reach out to me. You can email me at with questions or visit my for more information. I’d love to work with you. There are so many different meditation techniques. Finding a few that work for you will support you to feel more grounded, more clear, more peace and more balance.

You’ll find that once you have the right meditation practice in your life, you’ll have more joy, happiness, wisdom, and certainty. It will be easier to surrender to the natural flow of LIFE. And as you continue in your meditation journey, your practice will perfect itself. You’ll find the right balance of life and meditation and it can become a wonderful part of your daily life. Something that you look forward to doing every day.

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